How are you faring on your email marketing efforts

I just wanted to share some important insights on email marketing with you today. Hope they will be of some help to you. 
-      56% IT marketers prefer email marketing over all other media.
-      Cost per order for email marketing is only around $5
-      63% of marketing managers in the IT sector plans to increase their email marketing spending this year.
Staggering numbers, right? However, many people who are already into email marketing will find these numbers hard to accept. That’s because they are not doing it the right way. Starting your email marketing efforts is not enough. Doing it the right way is what counts. 
This is where BtoB Global can help you.
You can do email marketing the right way with us. You can create, manage, roll out and measure your campaigns with a mouse click. Won’t it be better to experience it rather than me talking about it for hours? As a special offer, I will give you free access to our email marketing platform for a 30 day trial. All you have to do is to reply within 30 days.
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