3 stale marketing strategies to avoid

As a savvy business owner, you know you should target specific prospect to maximize lead generation. But most often you fail to achieve desired goals. You need to streamline and accurately pinpoint your prospect. Give below are the 3 key issues and their practical strategies to overcome lead barriers.

1. Customer-centric vs. company-centric strategies
2. How much and what you should know about your target
3. How to prepare a strategy for them

You cannot just send your campaign to anyone or everyone in your list or those who subscribed through your website. The definition of a qualified lead varies from business to business. You need to sit with your Sales Team and understand the kind and amount of leads they are looking for. This can include things like company size, title, industry, or purchase timeline. Once that’s done, build or acquire a customized list. You can either build it on your own- it’s time consuming or you can contact list vendors like us to get a customized list for you.

Your next and most important step is How to reach them and for this you need to prepare a robust marketing strategy. Marketers often cry loud that they have had a great strategy but it didn’t work out well. Chances are your strategy was company-centric and not customer-centric.

Company-centric strategy brags only about you and your product. Your prospects are not interested in how big or small you are; what you have achieved and how many products you have launched so far. What they want to know is What do you have for them. Customer-centric, on the other hand, is sitting and thinking for prospects - their need, pain point, how your product can help them, what they like, etc.

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