Rev up your revenue meter with high voltage lead nurturing

  • Does your business lack the much needed marketing and sales alignment?
  • Is your sales team displeased with the lead quality your marketing generates?  
  • Is your marketing team failing to generate the quality leads for your business?
  • Do your leads become “cold” or almost “dead” by the time they reach the sales people?
  • Do you want to stay in constant touch with your prospects and keep them warm and active?
I am writing to share a few insights that might interest you.  These numbers were revealed as a part of the Forester survey for the IT sector.

• Almost 93% of your prospects visit your site to JUST research about your product BUT are not ready to talk to any sales rep.

• In the long run, only 28% MIGHT buy your product or your competitor’s

The leads generated by your company through its marketing efforts are not just numbers. They're individuals at varying stages of the decision-making process -- some are hot or cold, but most are somewhere in between.

The solution is simple... Switch to Lead Nurturing!

You need to educate your prospects and interact with them in a way that will win their trust. They may not be ready to buy from you right now, but when they have the need that you can help with, have you formed a relationship that puts you on top of their ‘who to call’ list? Click here to Request Quote!

If not, then you’re leaving a gaping hole in your lead bucket. Contact us to wake up your sleeping leads and make them work for you in the best possible way.

Lead Nurturing by BtoB Global is the best way to introduce your company, inform them of your solutions, and build brand recognition with your prospects so that when the time is right, they’ll turn to you and not your competitors.

With BtoB Global lead nurturing you can:
  • Implement automated lead nurturing campaigns through multi-channel communications
  • Pump up ROI by warming unused or dead leads
  • Retain the customer value through additional product or service 
  • Track, report and analyze results through integrated lead nurturing campaigns
  • Improve sales conversions by helping sales team to focus exclusively on high-quality leads
  • Trigger targeted behavior-specific dialogues and messages to your qualified prospects
Fix up a one-on-one consultation with one of our experts and see your business graph rise. Click here to:

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