Are you compounded by email marketing challenges?

- 294 billion emails per day
- 262 billion spam emails per day
- 32 billion legitimate emails per day

Are you compounded by the following challenges?

• Finding more Inboxes with your email
• Improving your ROI on email marketing program

We know you do. Let’s face it. Prospects’ Inboxes are getting increasingly cluttered and cramped for space. Spam score is on all-time high. Conversion rate are getting a hit due to increased competition. Regular run-of-the-mill email marketing is not going to help you things, rather you need something which is a cut above the rest.

Email marketing by BtoB Global helps you to roll out successful email marketing campaign by:

• Subject lines to improve open rate
• Landing page experience to foster engagement
• Campaigns sent at the right timing
• Content to drive conversion
• Automation to streamline marketing process
• Metrics to track measurable results

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Besides, all our emails creative are designed for optimum viewing across all platforms – desktops, smartphones and tablets. We leave nothing to chance and ensure that you receive the maximum value out of email marketing program.

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